Sami Statistics Data Sources

Jon Todal
Publication year: 

The most frequently used information sources for articles in Samiske tall forteller have been based on data from so-called STN-areas (Sami Parliament subsidy schemes for business development areas). These geographically based statistics have proided a lot of knowledge on Sami society. In a number of social areas, however, ethnicity based statistics would have provided more relevant information than geographically based ones but there is no data source that can be used to make ethnicity-based statistics in Norway. The article recommends that Statistics Norway continue to produce Sami statistics based on data from STN-areas. Further, it recommends a report on how to best chart Sami-speakers in Norway. A number of Sami social areas lack statistics. We must assess what information can be obtained from the data.

The Expert Analysis Group for Sami Statistics has completed its second four-year appointment, and the group has published eight issues of scientific papers, Samiske tall forteller 1 – 8. Based on available statistics, authors have commented and analyzed changes in Sami society. Many of the authors in Samiske tall forteller have also commented and assessed the data they based their articles on. The summaries in this article are based on these comments and assessments.